Development ow to find out the weight of the site and check the size of its pages using online applications – sooner or later this question becomes relevant for every novice webmaster. According to HTTP Archive statistics. A back in 2016, the dimensions of one tab of the average page were equal to the size of the installer of the first version of the cult game DOOM. A project with a built-in 3D rendering enginenumerous levels. A branche location maps, sprites and sound effects today weighs less than one product card on Wildberries . A massive categories take too long to load, becoming the main reason for falling sales.

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Hide content Why you nee to know the size How to determine the page size and find out the weight of the site in megabytes Using Sitechecker Does site size matter? Performance Users Optimization Why the page size is increasing: how to find out the size of the. A site What is the normal page size How to find out the weight of a web page in practice Browser check. A Viewing statistics in third-party services How to find out how much the entire site weighs: optimize. A page sizes Optimize your photos Reuce cache Reuce. A the number Local, Suburban Passenger Transport Email List of HTML/CSS scripts Conclusion loading. A Why you nee to know the size. A The Google algorithms responsible for ranking web pages rely. A on a wide variety of metrics. There is no exact list of criteria on the network, but according to some data, it can be conclude. A that their total number fluctuates around pieces.

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This list also includes the massive parameter – the larger the scale of the resource, the more difficult it is to open it on devices and the more difficult it is for specialists to optimize it. Therefore, the webmaster should obtain. A the most accurate information about the dimensions of the electronic platform, including in order to facilitate their own work. How to determine the page size Bold Data and find out the weight of the site in megabytes The main problem is that the portal volume estimation system is unknown. Google and Yandex search engines have their own mathematical algorithms and they act differently.

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