Here are some tips for using video coaching for sales people.

Ask your team to practice their sales messages
Ask your team to record your sales messages. The messages can then be repeated until you and the team are comfortable with the outcome. Similarly, the final video can be used to teach others about the perfect sales message to attract leads and close sales.

Record customer reviews or testimonials

Ask your sales team to Korea WhatsApp Number Data record customer stories and evaluations from your video meetings. Video can be used to help your team identify why customers choose your products, and help you sell more products to your target market.

Create troubleshooting videos
New members of the sales team are bound to have questions and problems. Record videos answering some of the most common questions to help them troubleshoot. On the other hand, you can also ask the team to record and share questions that may arise.

Use videos to communicate with your sales team

After using videos to help introduce new sales team members and clear up questions, the video journey really begins! Ongoing team management and communication is critical to team success. The team needs updates and you will need to make sure everyone is on the same channel.

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While you don’t need continuous video calls with the team, it would be helpful to establish a communication channel. Your sales team needs to know how and when they can find you if they need you. We share some tips for effective video communication:

Daily video meetings
Create daily video meetings to update the team on business activities or unforeseen changes. It doesn’t have to be long joints. If live sessions are not possible, you can record video updates for your team. FYI: some video software lets you know who’s watching so you know who’s paying attention (and who’s not).

Videos for FAQs
As we mentioned, there will be more and more challenges. Generate videos for frequently asked questions, for standard questions, and to help your team solve technical problems.

Get in touch with the professionals

Marketing professionals can support you with your sales marketing and video marketing. If you need help for your business in the areas of video for digital marketing, contact the experts at WSI who will be able to Bold Data support you. We have a team specially created to help remote companies with their video marketing, digital marketing and other software tools necessary for their sales teams.

In the same way, if you need videos for the administration of your sales teams, call us and we will help you!

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