Metaverse. Big word. If we try to translate it literally it could be something like a universe within another. In recent months, but especially in recent weeks, the metaverse is one of the most frequent topics of conversation. And as always, it has its defenders and its detractors (at the moment I am more in the second group than the first). Before defining it, let it be stated that despite not being a supporter of the metaverse, or at least with many, many doubts, I am totally in favor of exploring new paths (it is the basis of progress and innovation). It is the way to find the one that will really take us to the next stage.

Initial hype and noise about the metaverse

We are in the early stages of the innovation adoption curve (the famous curve), and it is normal to generate so much noise and excitement about the future it promises. The question is, is the metaverse worth paying attention to right now? We have already experienced this before with other technologies that have then remained unfulfilled promises (at least for the industry email list moment). In the end they all go through a similar pattern. Innovators begin to take the first steps (phase in which we now find ourselves with the metaverse), and if the technology has a future, a greater or lesser explosion of news is generated around it, speculating on its uses, imagining scenarios, etc. etc

What is the metaverse?

The simplest definition I have seen is: The metaverse is a 3D representation of the internet To try to explain it better, in the metaverse we can interact in the different spaces through a virtual figure that represents us and that we can customize to our liking. It is not about having an avatar in each space, but one that helps us enter all of them (we are going to the Bold Data unique digital identifier, united with the virtual experience. That is, a single identity with which we navigate through the different experiences). It will be a combination between the current experience and what we could have in a Fornite-type game currently. Which will require an evolution of virtual reality and an impressive processing infrastructure.

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