Of course, in the first place they will be intereste in the most expose results, i e. a fragment of the map with company business cards. But what to do to be among the top three companies? Try it for free Local SEO what is it? Local positioning local SEO are activities that make it easier for customers to find a product or service they are intereste in, close to where they are. You may have already guesse that the choice of keywords is of great importance here.

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Local SEO plays a special role, among others, in the case of restaurants, stationary stores or recreational and tourist attractions. It is very Germany Telegram Number Data important that local positioning helps even very small companies to appear in the minds of potential customers, because it helps to achieve high positions in the Google search engine and maps. What’s more, local SEO positively affects page visibility, increase in website traffic, increasing sales. It is not enough to just add a company to Google Maps why is local positioning important.

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Local positioning is not only about content rich in key phrases along with the name of the region e g. city or district. Very often it is enough for Bahamas Phone Number List the user to enter a phrase without indicating a specific place. Then, in the search results, he will find results relate to the place where he is currently locate. And it’s all thanks to the geolocation that the search engine uses. In addition, the company’s business card in Google maps, containing information about the company and contact details, plays an extremely important role.

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