Bangkok GGWP Bangkok, a Thai creative agency.  Points out that AI is the new norm that will happen to every industry. Creating cutting-edge work. Create a commercial film using A I technology.  Created entirely for the first time in Thailand. No cameras, no actors, no filming required. Presenting the highlights of the leading home internet brand . AIS 3 BB FIBER 3, no matter where in the country. Can enter the era Can do everything from home. To support the important concept of “people’s potential starting at home.  With “home internet as a good starting point.

In the past few years

GWP Bangkok, said Email List that in the past few years. AI technology has played an increasingly important role in many industries. Industries to enhance Work efficiency. Especially economic development the country’s creativity need to bloom. Develop personnel to drive further economic. But today there are challenges in an era.  Where the population is born less than in the past and the country has entered an aging society. Makes the entry of labor into the industry. The industry is not able to do enough for the amount of work. 

The unique thing about creating

This commercial is that it doesn’t require a camera. No actors, or Bold Data  filming, but uses 3 main elements. High speed internet Human abilities and AI technology”. Telling the story of  home in different areas, including people  Cultures, lifestyles, but connected by having an internet connection. Good home internet that helps support.  Make your dreams grow further than before by entering a set of instructions.  That clearly explains details such as camera angles, camera lenses used. Character’s facial expression to the mood.  And tone of the image that you want from AI. completely until you get an image that can convey the story. The surroundings come out clearly.

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