Video marketing is growing rapidly. Similarly, it is a versatile tool that can be used throughout the customer buying journey and is useful for establishing engagement through customer testimonials, informational videos, or brand videos. Recently, Vidyard, the business video platform and partner of WSI, held its quarterly video sales and marketing summit. Fast Forward: Humanizing Digital Sales and Marketing emphasized that both sales and marketing need “person-to-person” contact beyond the Business With Video Marketing “business-to-business” standard.

Participants learned how to build relationships and foster the UK WhatsApp Number Data trust and reassurance that buyers need before making a purchase. Below we share some of the most important presentations.

Main Reflections Obtained from the Presentations in Fast Forward

As has been the case at previous Fast Forward Summits, the speakers are experts in their fields. Todd Caponi, president of Sales Melon and author of the book The Transparency Sale , was the keynote speaker.

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To name just a few, the speaker list also included Todd Hartley, CEO of WireBuzz, Sheena Badani, Senior Director of Marketing at Gong, and Adam Perry, Vice President of Revenue Enablement, Demandbase.

Sellers spoil everything

In his presentation, Salespeople Ruin Everything: Lessons from the Past to Guide Us in the Now , Todd Caponi takes the audience on a journey back in time using a sense of humor to Bold Data remember a time when being in sales was a profession that inspired confidence and admiration.

  • It is critical that businesses take a fresh perspective on the role of sales technology in the sales process.
  • Exploration of new ideas to establish the priorities in the sales backlog.
  • Understanding how to develop legitimate empathy in the buyer brain.

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