Have you never heard of NFTs and think they don’t concern you? Well, if you have the slightest intention of targeting the younger generation with your products and services, you’d better change your mind soon. It does not mean that you have to buy NFTs or even like them. But it does mean that you have to understand why your target market likes them, and be willing to jump right in if it looks like they’re a necessary component of engaging with your audience.

How Will Brands and Companies Marketing on the Web3?

Good question. There are several possible ways that brands can and will promote their products and services in the UAE WhatsApp Number Data world of Web3, although it is still not entirely clear which of these ways will work best.

Some brands will mint a digital currency as a way to promote their brand and engage with Web3 users.

Others will choose to launch NFTs (digital collectibles) to facilitate and encourage ongoing interaction with their brand.

And perhaps the easiest example to imagine how marketing will fit into Web3 is the fact that some brands will launch their own metaverses or blockchain games/worlds in which they, or even users, as digital real estate owners, could selling advertising to other brands and companies willing to pay to reach the audiences that will spend time in those worlds.

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Ok, But… Web3 Still Looks Confused!

Web3 is where the Internet is headed.

There are several ways, but the best and most effective will always be to participate and become a Web3 user yourself. Reading a few articles about cryptocurrency and the metaverse is a great starting point, but it will only help you so much.

What you need to Bold Data do is buy some Ethereum (ETH), get yourself a digital wallet, and buy your first NFT.

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