Some of the most successful prospecting professionals in 2022 share how they use video in their outbound efforts to hit their quotas. In their Prospecting with Video Top Prospectors Reveal Their Tips for Boosting Effectiveness and Efficiency session , the speakers share what has worked for them and how they scale their efforts to submit hundreds of videos per month. They range from pre-recorded content to support outbound campaigns to Sellers spoil everything targeted one-on-one videos!

Reflections for the audience:

You always have to USA WhatsApp Number Data look for new ideas for the use of video in outbound prospecting.
Tips for scaling video usage efficiently.
Sample templates for video , email, subject lines, and more.
‘Red alert moments’ where videos can accelerate sales

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Remote selling superstar Todd Hartley shares his tips and tricks for identifying ‘red flag moments’ during a sales process and how to use video to address them. In his presentation How to Identify “Red Flag Moments” Where Video Can Accelerate Sales , the audience learns about using video to provide clarity, shift perspectives, and quickly build consensus with key stakeholders.

Reflections for the audience:

A framework for identifying key moments when video can speed up the sales process.
Tips for creating and delivering videos to maximize their impact.
How to Bold Data present the videos in a way that ensures that the desired results are achieved with them.
How videos can humanize your sales
Beginning with Sellers spoil everything keynote speaker Todd Caponi’s session. Sales reps share how they are leveraging video to scale their selling efforts and create the best possible experience for their buyers. The presentation Humanizing Your Sales Process. Top Video Sellers Spill ALL Their Secrets talks about the types of videos they find most effective. And how they have built their confidence in creating this type of video material.

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