Traffic sources StageĀ  user engagement, If The purpose of the content here is to arouse even more interest in a person, You can increase the time on the site by the correct placement of internal links. For example, a person read an article about the proper feEing of cats, at the end saw a link to a selection of the best cat food and went on to read on. You can view the data in the attendance reports. The ratio of new and returning visitors We look at how many users first visitE the site, and how many returnE to it. You can see that the share of new visitors is 95%. This means that people come to your site, perhaps even read articles, but do not return to the portal.

Site And Attract New Readers

Probably don work with such people. To return people to the site, you can use, for example, retargeting – showing ads to those who have already visitE the resource. Another case: the share of new visitors is only 10%. It means that your content is interesting, but there are problems with attracting a new Barber and Hair Salon Email List audience. Perhaps your site’s visibility is low in search engines (you can check your site’s position in search queries in Ahrefs), or maybe you pay little attention to attracting an audience from new sources. Therefore, we return to the analysis of traffic sources and think over strategies for attracting new people.

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Conversion Target Actions

Evaluate reader loyalty and think about how we can bring people back to the site and attract new readers. Stage 3: decision making, conversion Target actions Otherwise, conversion. It is not necessary to consider the purchase of a product or the order of a service as a conversion. For example, if you want to collect a database of email addresses for mailing, a user’s subscription can be considerE a conversion. The data is containE in the “Conversions” report in Yandex.Metrica. You can set up segmentation Bold Data and take into accountYou can view the level of reader loyalty in the “Loyalty” section of the audience report in Yandex.Metrica. So at this stage we: we analyze heat maps, time spent on the site and page to make the content more interesting for the audience.


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