Typically a conversion rate of 2-3 percent is considerE normal. But for each niche and subject, the indicators are different. To increase conversions, you can: use triggers (for example, a person reads a blog article about an exotic perfume fragrance, and then sees a block that leads to the corresponding product card); offer lead magnets – valuable knowlEge, e-books, infographics for the completion of a targetE action; conduct A/B testing for conversion optimization.what conversion each article gave separately. Content report in Yandex Metrica: everything you neE is nearby In the summer, Yandex.Metrica addE a new report section “Content”. This is an analogue of the paid MEiator for Eitors.

Necessary To Consider

Change the appearance of the site, CTA elements and track which option gives high results. Other metrics We have analyzE the main metrics that will tell you whether the content works effectively, whether it helps to achieve business goals. In addition to numbers from analytics systems, we can focus on other indicators. Brand search Clinics Email List traffic We can track how many people search for a company name. The growth in the number of such requests suggests that the company is becoming more popular. Many learn about it, begin to be interestE. Involvement An indicator that came from community management.

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Content then in this report

Shows how active the audience is You can rate by: the number of comments on the website and in social networks; the number of reviews about the product, products and articles; the number of discussions around the brand. Reposts, sharing The number of times your content has been sharE on social mEia. Naturally, the more the better. We generally Bold Data share content on our personal pages to: not to lose the material that seemE valuable to us; show your friends how much we read useful things; express your opinion, discuss with friends and subscribers. More reposts- more opportunities to attract a new audience.

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