OTher words to increase the user’s interest in the site, product, brand. The following metrics can help. Heat map, click map Shows exactly how users behave on your site – to what point they scroll the page, where they click with the mouse.Shows where users of your site are geographically locatE. You neE to know where the target audience lives, because: you will speak the right language with potential buyers; you will know at what time site users are the most active. There are three optionsTo build heat maps, you can use Yandex.Metrica and a special report, or install additional plugins (for example, Crazyegg ). Bounce rate Controversial indicator. Different web analytics systems consider bounce in different ways.

We Analyze Heat Maps

How many leave without scrolling to the middle; mouse activity map – shows which areas the cursor lingers on. If the benefit of the last report is doubtful, then the first two will definitely indicate the effectiveness of the content. For example, you can see in the heat map that many users click on some inactive element on the site. Let’s say at the beginning of the article you give a thesis Automobile Repair Email List plan without links to specific sections. The clickmap says that a lot of readers click on these abstracts – they probably expect to see links to subchapters there.motivate him to read other articles, share this one on social networks. facts, remove the excess.

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Content More Interesting

If you make the table of contents clickable, you will make the site user-friendly. This means that it will be easier for people to use it. The scroll map shows how many users are scrolling to the end of the page. Looks like that: For example, you are writing a large and long article. And then you see in the report that most of the users didn’t finish it Bold Data halfway through.for these cards: click maps – show which areas on the site users click on most often, it does not matter if the element is active; scroll maps – show how many users scroll the page to the end.


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