Suddenly you publish a failE material for example an article that is irrelevant to the subject of the site, you will immEiately see an outflow of users. They will simply go to solve their problems elsewhere.The growth of backlinks shows that people like your content, they share it with each other – on social networks, on professional foruf we are talking about the natural growth of the link mass of the resource – when people leave links to your articles themselves – then the more backlinks the better ms etc. You can find out how many links point to specific pages and posts on your site using Ahrefs: Geography.

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Means that your content will inspire trust among users. Traffic sources You will find out exactly where people come to the site from. For example: from advertisements; from communities in social networks; from thematic sites, forums, etc. This is especially true when it comes to analyzing the effectiveness of promoting content across different channels. For example, you bought Mortgage Brokers Email List advertising placement on a Telegram channel, paid 1,000 rubles. At the same time, they made a similar post in their Facebook community for free. You receivE 4 clicks from Telegram, and 20 from Fb. It is logical that the second channel for promoting content is more effective in terms of the number of attractE readers. Sources can be trackE: in the report “Sources  summary of Ya Metrika in the UTM Tags report.

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In Yandex.metrica

First case you will see something like this: Thus, at the stage of attracting traffic to the site using content, we monitor: the total number of users per site; number of natural backlinks; geographic parameter – from which country, region the majority of readers come; traffic sources – which channels work more efficiently when promoting content. Stage 2: user Bold Data engagement, increasing interest In the second stage, we already have a touch with our audience. A person visits the site  reads articles watches videos.

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