More efficient to use other methods. Groups and chats: Telegram mass mailing service In associations in the cart, up to 200,000 subscribers can write and comment. The owner can prevent certain types of content from being sent (such as videos or links), block members, assign moderators, pin posts. Also, hashtags work here, by which you can filter information. A community can be create using the following instructions: Click the blue circle pencil icon (“Compose Message”) at the bottom of the chat list and select “Compose”. Add participants – without this, the chat will not be create.

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Just one is enough, for example, someone from the company’s employees. Then click on the blue arrow on the right. Write the name – a blue arrow will appear at the bottom right. By clicking on it, you will complete the creation Lumber and Wood Manufacturers Email List of a general chat. We also recommend placing a brande photo or video at the top of the button with the camera icon, which will be displaye as an avatar for the participants. But this is not a mandatory option, unlike the name, without which the arrow for starting the group does not appear.

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The Messenger One Post

It remains to invite new subscribers, for example, those whose data you have in CRM. Be sure to place the button on the site. Since there is an opportunity to discuss and generate user-generate content, they are better at engaging, building loyalty, getting feeback, and retaining customers. However, this inevitably entails the publication of negative Bold Data or other people’s promotional posts. If you do not want to waste resources on comment moderation and spam cleaning, use another type of public. What is and how to make a newsletter in Telegram through a channel Channels in the messenger are a wall with news that only the creator of the community.

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