Getting traffic to your resources or sites of the referral program. Removal of conversion barriers. For example, you can remind the customer that he has an unpaid item in his cart. Transaction information: payment confirmation, order tracking. Gathering feeback from the client base using a survey and feeback collection. Telegram mass mailing : advantages The distribution of content and offers here has a clear resemblance to working on sites such as email, SMS and online chats. However, Telegram surpasses them in many ways. Before other messengers Send any number of documents, photos, videos.

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Each of them can reach 2 GB, while other services allow files to be transferre 10-20 times smaller. Add unlimite users to channels and up to 200,000 to groups. Competing messengers have about 1,000 times fewer members in communities. The public API allows you to integrate your services and payment systems if you want to sell directly from Telegram. Before email You do not nee to pay for html email templates and email marketing services, as well as make up messages. You only nee text and an Tobacco Products Manufacturers Email List image, so the content creation process becomes faster and cheaper. The message is guarantee not to end up in the Spam folder – the messenger does not have it. All chats for the user are in one window, so the promotional channel regularly catches the eye. Notifications appear on the name of the conversation and on the app icon.

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Even if sound notifications are disable, the icons show the number of unread messages. You can remove the number only by opening the chat and scrolling through it completely. You cannot disable this feature. Most accounts regularly open chats to remove the number, and willy-nilly see your letters. Thus, you can quickly send attractively designe Bold Data content with a minimum of time and expense. Social meia content marketing Social meia content marketing from 42 000 ₽ Content marketing in social networks from the SEMANTICA studio is a complex method of interaction and building trusting relationships with your target audience. We will develop a strategy, draw up and implement a content plan, administer the account and launch targete advertising to attract potential customers.

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