Bhoomtham welcomed the Chairman of the European.  Parliament’s International Trade Commission INTA and a group of members of the European Parliament. Please support the negotiations of the Thai-European Union (EU) FTA.  so that the results of the negotiations can be concluded and come into force as soon as possible. Ready to see the new world Give importance to green trade. Environment and sustainability. Please help support Thailand. And there is a period of adjustment. Mr. Phumtham Wechayachai. Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Commerce, revealed that on December 19, 2023.  He had a discussion with Mr. Bernd Lange, Member of the European Parliament.  Chairman of the International Trade Commission.

In the discussion information was given

That this government Taking charge in September 2023.  The government places importance Email List  on solving three important problems. Political conflicts that require listening to different opinions and finding. Way to accept them together in society.  Constitutional conflicts that will Developing it to be more democratic and economic crisis.  That is a challenge for every country around the world. Especially the effects of war and international conflicts. Including aiming to reduce inequality and create a good living for the Thai people. He asked the European Parliament’s International.  Trade Commission to support the Thai-EU FTA negotiations so that the results of the negotiations can be concluded.  And come into effect quickly. In addition, other. 

Important trade issues were discussed

Thailand agrees with the trend and direction of the current.  World that places importance on green trade. The environment, and the sustainability of  Bold Data natural resources. Such as solving climate change problems and sustainable fishing.  Because it is a matter that every country is jointly responsible for. And Thailand have policies in the same direction. However, Thailand sees that compliance with new trade regulations should be based on cooperation. Consider the differences flexible and the appropriate adjustment period for each country. He emphasized to members of the European Parliament the importance. Cooperation between the two government sectors.

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