Maps detect mouse paths find landing page problems, and determine whether or not to reuce the amount of information in a portal. In the mobile version, , create a feeback button, conduct example of an application that allows you to create accurate heat The platform allows you to monitor visitor sessions in real time and set up funnels so you can easily find out when and why users leave the resource. Mouseflow: To use it for usability, just go to the main section and enter the URL you want to analyze. Nothing complicate, just paste the address and click start test. Hotjar Software for analyzing visitor behavior, optimizing navigation and web page structure.

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Popular and easy to use programs. It gives a great insight into how to improve user experience, and it also gives you the ability to generate many types of heat maps with device division. Integration with Hotjar is done by adding a short JavaScript code to the page. To check usability, you can try the service for free on the Basic tariff, but it has limite Retail Email List functionality. On the main page you can watch a video about the work, and we show the price. Site positions in the search engine: keyword analysis, methods, services and instructions Site positions in the search engine: keyword analysis, methods, services and instructions How to find out the position of the site in search engines manually You nee to drive each target request into the browser and count its place in the search results.

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Course this is long and inconvenient – especially if there are more than 50 keys. This is how long you have to sit in front of the computer and poke. And the accuracy of the display is not guarantee, since the PS usually personalize the search. In a word, it will not be entirely accurate. Although there is another way. In order for Google Yandex not to take into account the personal Bold Data interests of the user and his browsing history, you nee to check in private mode. “Incognita So you can see the places where users do not linger, and where they stay longer. Another useful feature is Confetti, that is, filtering clicks by origin, search key and other indicators.

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