Targete surveys and process results through an intuitive interface. Believe it or not, it only takes a few minutes. Watch a video on the operation of the service, you can put Russian subtitles. Loop11 But this is not just a survey tool, but a web service for implementing more complex scenarios of user tasks. For example, these are: how long it takes a person to solve the problem; what is the sequence of clicks; how long the user has been on the page, percentage of successful tasks, user satisfaction rating.

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Number of advantages: creating reports in XML, PDF, CSV, etc. formats; testing on any type of device; the ability to invite people through a pop-up window or a link. All plans include a 14-day trial. Basic costs Crazy Egg The tool collects information. A about customer clicks and then creates analytical reports on visitor behavior. $69 per month. Usability Hub A platform with Automotive Dealers, Gasoline Service Email List a comprehensive set of test tools to help identify design issues early. Analysis methods include first-click tests, preference tests, and five-second tests. The program is designe to check the usability of websites in the areas of e-commerce, information technology.

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Using the service, you can analyze plain texts with export to CSV. There is a free web version, but the advance ones can use the paid one: the basic functionality will cost $79 per month. Usability Hub: tariff plans. Blog Promotion Blog Promotion from 46 200 â‚˝ Service page Blog promotion from SEMANTICA studio – increasing the flow of users to the site and increasing the brand’s expertise in the eyes of the target audience. We create in-demand content that meets the nees of potential Bold Data customers, optimize articles and set up commercial triggers. You get a tangible increase in transitions to the catalog of goods and services from the blog section. Submit your application  mouseflow Another.

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