Brand should have its own way of talking to the audience. The tone of all messages that come from the brand is calle the tone of voice. It humanizes the company, broadcasts the values ​​of the people behind the brand. Tonality determines the positioning of the company, indicates its priorities and distinguishes it from competitors. If the voice of the brand is indistinguishable, then the information that comes from it will be lost in many others .Conclusion Find out what your target audience is “sick of” in order to be on the same wavelength with them. Don’t decide for yourself  just ask. The ability to listen is priceless.

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Show awareness and care where others offer to just buy. But even if your competitors work according to this technique, you may have your own experience. Do your research, come up with a solution, and offer it to your customers. It may not be possible to immeiately understand and structure all the pains according to their Heavy Construction Contractors Email List importance and priority. But remember: it’s not scary to make mistakes, it’s worse to be inactive. Tell about the article: Elena Kuznetsova Elena Kuznetsova Content manager Has been making expert content for brands for over 7 years. Creates content plans, moves content strategies. Behind thousands of characters with and without spaces. Works with websites e-mail newsletters and social networks.

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Professionally manage the reputation of companies – Experience more than 3 years. – Specially designe projects. – Improve processes. Reputation management is not expensive! Find out the cost Customer Loyalty Index: what is it for and how is it calculate 28.02.2018 3713 Customer Loyalty Index: what is it for Bold Data and how is it calculate What makes it possible to measure the NPS indicator It is believe that this indicator is in a statistical relationship with income: the higher it is, the faster the company develops economically. This is determine from a variety of parameters, but the main result consists of the following criteria: The probability that a person will again apply for repeate services.

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