Resource age Here as in the case of a domain address, the older the better. The age of the web resource is considere from the moment the files were installe and the engine was starte. You can find out the registration period through Content quality An extremely important indicator. You nee to evaluate in terms of quality texts, images, videos. In particular: texts must be original (not copy-paste), reliable and useful; pictures – do not violate copyright; videos are thematic. Convenience It is equally important to study usability. Whether it is convenient for users to perform any actions.

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For example, there are many online stores with inconvYou can check the history on, and other services. Regionality. If your business is connecte with Russia, then it makes no sense to buy a name in the com., su., am zones. It is advisable to take under your geo-rf. ru. This is how the cost of a Building Construction, General Contractors Email List domain and a website is assesse online for free without using services.enient shopping cart functionality. It is clear that the conversion in this case will be low. Search engine sanctions No one nees to buy a site under the filter. Pulling it out from under it will be problematic. And besides, some web-resources sold contain viruses or search spam. For these reasons you nee to carefully check the sites – request access to Spandex.

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Webmaster and GSC How to calculate the cost base on income (or how much my site is really worth) Example: the profit of the allegeĀ  rubles per month. Costs for content, hosting and domain – 1000 r per month. We subtract net profitrubles. Now we calculate the paybackrubles. Thus, in a year you will recoup Bold Data this amount. You canĀ  depending on the quality of the purchase site (link mass, traffic, indexing, and other criteria). It is important to plan ahead and be able to preict, so it is better to put some more resources into rework and improvements How to account for income For competent accounting.

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