Step by step how to make a bot for sending in Telegram via chats, and we will describe the platforms through which you can upload content to it. In the Telegram search, enter “@BotFather” – this is the official tool for creating chat bots, which is easy to recognize by the blue verification checkmark next to the name. Click “Start” at the top right. In response, you will receive a set of available functions. Select the first line “/newbot” or write this command in the response line. An English dialog will open. You will be aske to enter a name, then a username, which must end with “bot”. The second is the word that is entere with the  sign in the screenshot above.

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Name can be anything but the name must be unique. The screenshot below shows that the first option was taken, we had to use the date. The last one – in the screenshot in the frame – is a token, a unique address that is neee to connect third-party services via API. We’ll tell you a little below which ones can be useful for content marketing. How to make a mass Textile Mill Manufacturers Email List mailing in Telegram , for which they will not block The service mercilessly bans those who send, in its opinion, spam. The algorithms work efficiently – remember how Viber was spamme, this has never happene here. So what are the rules to follow? You cannot initiate personal correspondence from a corporate account.

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Unintereste members to groups and channels – they may report spam. Do not send too often. Ahere spam infuriates more than in the mail. Do not violate copyrights on images and videos, order unique texts. Do not publish contact details of people or organizations, even if they are in CRM. Create concise texts and attractive pictures. How to choose a Bold Data service for sending messages to Telegram through a bot At all sites, applications are create in the constructor, which makes them accessible to those entrepreneurs who do not know the basics of programming. Some platforms provide additional options beyond content creation. 3seller The tool offers ready-made user bases.

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