Here is targeting by interests and geolocation of the audience. You caautomatically send posts to groups, channels and personal correspondence (remember that you nee to be careful with advertising links in it, otherwise the addressee will file a spam complaint). Duplication is also configure after a specifie period of time. A trial period is available upon request. 18 secrets of Telegram: secret functions and features of the messenger 18 secrets of Telegram: secret functions and features of the messenger.

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Common features in Telegram In addition to the usual functions – sending messages and organizing interest groups – Telegram has a lot of features. Some of them are not so secret, but not everyone will guess that they are there. Text style formatting In the messenger, you can choose the style of the text yourself: make it bold or italic, underline or strikethrough, and also Apparel and Clothing Manufacturers Email List hide part of the content from the reader’s eyes. To see the hidden part, you just nee to click on it, it will become available for a few seconds.  SendPulse Use it if you don’t know how to send free mass messages in a Telegram bot to chats or your database. The service allows not only to distribute content but also to accept payment.

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Sending the audience can be segmente into categories using tags. The widget for the application can be installe on the site, and users can subscribe directly from there without going to the messenger. The basic Bold Data tariff is suitable for initial promotion; with a large amount of correspondence, you will have to switch to a paid service. ClientHunter The site offers to build a sales funnel that will warm up customers. With its help, you can integrate payment and delivery of goods directly into the script, which is create in the visual constructor. Limite functionality is available for free.

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