The audience might ask: “ Is this influencer promoting a product that he really loves, or is he just doing it for the money?” On the other hand, a micro-influencer may not know exactly how to be an influencer at first, but they have a small and dedicated community of followers who know their likes and preferences inside out. This influencer only promotes a few products, so he comes across as demanding, selective, and dedicated to sharing authentic opinions with his audience. You will need to research your potential influencers. Take note of the size of their audience and how often they post product promotions. Also, pay attention to audience reactions. And finally, study the content of the posts themselves: what they say about a brand can reveal how they engage with brands and their audiences. Ask yourself how much they care about both and what value they add to each.

Availability : In addition to Taiwan WhatsApp Number Data being expensive, celebrity influencers might be too busy to consider your proposal. If you need to implement your campaign quickly, you may not be able to work with the macro-influencer of your choice. You may already be working on several campaigns with other brands. In that case, you would have to resort to a micro-influencer who can help you launch your campaign in the necessary time.

What would be an Example of Marketing with Micro-Influencers?


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What would a micro-influencer marketing campaign look like? You can find many examples of micro-influencer marketing online, but here is which Audible, Amazon’s audiobook division, participates. A major brand like Amazon spends millions on marketing each year, and of course has the power to mobilize celebrity influencers if it chooses.

However, to promote his audiobooks, he chose to Bold Data work with a number of micro-influencers, including photographer and filmmaker Jesse Driftwood. Driftwood’s fan base has increased since this campaign was made, but back then it was well below 100,000. All he did was upload a simple, conversational post saying that he loved listening to audiobooks while he ran. The post was oriented more as a friendly book recommendation and suggested an innovative way to enjoy it.

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