As we have reiterated, micro-influencers have small audiences. If you have a clear understanding of your ideal customers , you can find micro-influencers who speak directly to those types of people. This way, while you may not be able to appeal to the masses, you will reach a captive audience made up of the right people for your brand.

By working with micro-influencers you can cut costs, as you won’t have to pay the onerous fees charged by large influencers. You also have a better chance of achieving authenticity because micro-influencers are more likely to work with brands they love (in fact, they’re more likely to Marketing with Micro-Influencers contact you themselves, rather than you having to Thailand WhatsApp Number Data make the contact).

What Can Micro-Influencers Do for Your Brand?

At first you might worry about reaching a comparatively small audience, but remember that what you sacrifice in numbers will more than make up for in terms of engagement. Micro-influencers have fewer followers, but are dedicated followers with a higher level of engagement and enthusiasm for whatever content they share. They also trust the influencer a lot and will be more likely to make purchases based on their opinions.

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Since micro-influencers are cheaper

you can work with several in a single campaign. Each influencer will take their brand to a different market. So you can target more than one captive audience. If your marketing profiles span several different markets and industries, you can reach all of them by choosing the right micro-influencers. This multi-market reach is priceless. The great thing about micro-influencer marketing is that you can target niche audiences, but there’s no reason to limit yourself to just one. Identify all of the relevant niches for your brand, and then market to all of them through the right influencers.

Need help reaching your target audience on social media? WSI can help you plan an effective micro-influencer campaign and implement your micro-influencer marketing tools to promote your brand to your ideal customers. We can also support you with all aspects of digital marketing, from content marketing to SEO . We invite you to get in touch to Bold Data show you how we can help you. You can also read our blog for more tips from our digital marketing experts.

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