It is a fact that often tends to be buried in oblivion. But 80% of adults contract the human papillomavirus at some point during their lives. This year’s traditional Christmas greeting from Publicis Groupe focuses precisely on this fact (which does not, however, renounce laughter). As usual, the Christmas greeting from the French advertising holding company is led by Arthur Sadoun and Maurice Lévy. The CEO and the chairman of the supervisory board of Publicis Groupe respectively. But on this occasion the two leaders of the French multinational do much more than congratulate Christmas and fool around a bit . 

As with other Christmas greetings

Lévy and Sadoun rehearse the video with which they are going. Congratulate their employees on the holidays and the first refers category email list to 2022 as “a magnificent year for the group. ” However, Sadoun decides to put Publicis Groupe’s prosperous figures over the last year in the background to promote awareness about the human papillomavirus and put a few figures about this virus on the table. In response to Sadoun’s bubbling of data on the human papillomavirus. Lévy also contributes his own figures (such as that 80% of phones that do not work have previously. Dropped down the toilet or that 43% of pilots have they ever fallen asleep in mid-flight).

Publicis Groupe's Christmas greeting

While Sadoun and Lévy exchange information on the most unusual topics (which go beyond the human papillomavirus), a third guest Bold Data enters the scene: the actor Michael Douglas (survivor, like the CEO of Publicis Groupe, of throat cancer ). When Douglas enters Lévy and Sadoun’s office. Publicis Groupe leaders discuss the need to spur awareness about the human papillomavirus vaccine. Douglas, by the way. Doesn’t seem to be too happy about Lévy pronouncing his last name so completely wrong (and he lets the Publicis Groupe executive know this). 

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