Web page links that users see in the browser bar. To do this, it is enough to create CNC (human-understandable urls). For example, on the SEO services portal, instead of such rubbish “site, there should be something like “site. The user will immeiately understand that the material about external links is most likely poste here. Check meta tags. It’s about title and description. It is necessary that they be unique, contain targete queries, do not repeat, be within a certain number of characterscharacters for titl Monitor headings.and the display of web pages in the browser bar more attractive; add your company address to Yandex.

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Of them must be neste – the very first is h1, then h2, h3 and h4. But you can’t put h3 in h1 or h4 in h2, since search robots will not see the structure and optimization includes the analysis of key phrases, checking the uniqueness of texts, the amount of water in articles, spamming, working on pictures, and more. Increase the Depository Institutions Email List visibility of the site in the search results In fact, there are many ways, but we will talk about three main ones: implement a FAQ section – there is a ready-made free generator from Matthew Woodward ; add an attractive favicon if it doesn’t exist – this is a small icon that makes the snippet.

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Today the main thing is that links should not only be of high quality (from authoritative and thematic resources), but also natural (so that search engines do not understand that you are buying them). Content support in social networks Content support in social networks from 19 000 ₽ Service page Content support from Bold Data the SEMANTICA studio is useful content about your business, company processes, products or services. Earn the trust of your followers and build a loyal following with expert social meia posts. Submit your application Services for checking.

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