Time of day with the most peak content views. Simply tweaking your video posting an hour or two in advance will help maximize and keep the interest of your target audience by increasing the number of video views. The number of comments on the video is no less important for the author than the number of likes and views At the very beginning, it will be difficult to understand which format viewers like more than others. But over time, by collecting videos and carefully.starts with planning and developing a guide to action. Strategy If you upload work inconsistently.

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Analyzing the statistics on them it will be possible to identify promising formats and topics. Advice. To see what topics are in demand, you can use various analytics services. For example, Whatstat or Liveune. They show the TOPs of YouTube channels in different categories – Animals, Computer games, Society, News and politics, etc. In what format to shoot video content Telecommunications Email List The platform does not impose requirements on the materiabeiirregularly and haphazardly, then any project can fail. To avoid this, you nee to act according to the plan. For example, like this: PurposeĀ  It could be: familiarity.

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Laid out neither to the aspect ratio, nor to the quality of the picture. Accordingly the site displays any videos correctly. But still, there are pictures that are more familiar to the eye of the viewer – this is the aspect ratio of 16:9. YouTube’s help lists recommende encoding options . Another thing to note is that any movie uploade to Bold Data the platform is subject to default settings. To correct them, you nee to: Log in to your account, then to the Creative Studio. On the left is the Settings menu, then Video Downloads. Set the options and click Save Blog Promotion.

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