Blog section Submit your application How to promote and promote a channel on YouTube from scratch on your own It all with your product; attracting subscribers; increasing customer confidence, etc. We define our target audience. A its approximate age, gender and even geographical location (if this is a blog about. Abeautiful places in Chelyabinsk, then it will be watche. A mainly by residents of this city). You can read the comments under the videos from colleagues in the shop, conduct a survey on the topic of interests.And numerous bloggers who make content about makeup have their own cosmetics lines. Content plan Promotion and free development of a YouTube channel from scratch should be base on a clear plan.

Log Analyse The Reaction

Superfluous to study the analytics of the video hosting itself and visually see who is active and interacts with your videos. We study competitors. This is a source of useful information. On its basis, you can adjust your work, learn from Tv and Radio Broadcasting Email List the mistakes of others and choose approaches that have already proven to work. We understand the technical side of hosting, the possibility of optimization and algorithms. Choosing promotion methods. What tools to use for this, whom to call for help. Subject Your activities and interests should directly resonate with the topics that you will raise in your stories. You also nee to analyze current trends and ways of presenting content.

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The Video Content

What is interesting to the viewer now  Here are the most popular topics, according to the TOP-100 (they were talking about it above): Surveys of newsbreaks. Culinary blogs. Film reviews. eucational videos. Unpacking of goods. Cartoons and entertainment blogs for children. It is very important to understand the issue, to be an expert Bold Data or to attract people with outside expertise. This is necessary to provide really high-quality and useful information. They clearly sell consultations with a psychologist and post videos corresponding to the product. The right-braine introvert sells courses on culture and science Videos are made about the same.

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