When analyzing the set of Google ranking factors. It is possible to see how most of them correspond to the same reason: to improve the user experience. In this way, the efforts made by the search engine in recent years have. Focused on preventing any element that causes inconvenience to the user. Well, apparently neither does the Google team. With that in mind, they invested in updates that prioritized mobile-friendly pages and fast site loading. Google Reports Which was seen as a major turning point for the SEO market.

When Will This Google Update Go Into Effect Google Reports

According to the statement, and understanding email database the current complex. Scenario and the impacts of the new Covid-19 crisis , this update will not come into effect until 2021 . In addition, the search engine has committed to informing. At least 6 months in advance, when this factor will become a reality. This is great news so that everyone can plan and organize with peace of mind, optimizing all the necessary elements on their websites. As we mentioned, this is the time to start thinking about possible action plans , identify what the main problems are related to your website experience and adjust them as soon as possible.

What Can You Do From Now on

With the help of them, it will be possible to BOLD Data discover which are the most critical points and how it is. Possible to adjust them, mapping the causes and their main solutions. And if your website needs optimizations to give the user a better browsing experience and rank at the top of Google. because we continue with the objective of identifying and measuring aspects of the experience on the page, we plan to incorporate more signs annually to align the search engine to the ever-evolving user expectations.” This means that we can expect even more news in this regard and that efforts to understand your. Audience and how they behave on your website will be extremely important in the coming years.

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