Now, using the same SEO tool as a reference, let’s see how we can calculate the PPC competition level using its decimal measurement between 0 and 1, where 1 shows the largest number of advertisers competing for a keyword.

Above 0.80 . These are very competitive keywords among advertisers and will send traffic to your website. At this level of density, the user’s search intent is to Poland WhatsApp Number Data make a purchase or make a final decision.
From 0.60 – 0.80 . A standard number of advertisers compete for these keywords. You can consider advertising with these keywords when the organic process isn’t working, but this won’t translate to a quick win.
Less than 0.60 . Very few advertisers compete for these keywords, either because they are not profitable, or because they are words that have not been considered before.

Consider Search Intent and CPC

In addition to considering keyword difficulty (KD) as well as pay-per-click competition level, you’ll also need to consider search intent and cost-per-click (CPC) to shape your marketing strategy. SEO with little competitive keywords. Search intent is the purpose of the user’s search. It is sometimes called audience , user , or keyword intent . Cost per click is the amount an advertiser pays when a user clicks on their ad, and the keyword influences that cost.

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Search intent . There are four classes of search intent: for information , for navigation , transactional , and commercial . The search intention for information is that in which the user tries to learn more about something ( What will be a good software package? ). Navigational search intent is when the user tries to find something like the Microsoft website. Transactional search intent is when the user tries to perform a specific action like buying new software from Microsoft. Finally, the commercial search intention is when the user wants to know more before making their purchase decision ( Microsoft 10 vs. 11).

Cost per click (CPC)

When a keyword is highly relevant to your site and has low search volume but high CPC, despite the cost, you might want to consider that keyword, especially if you want to generate interest around a niche product or service.

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