There are many keyword software tools on the market that will provide you with data, including volume, difficulty, cost per click (CPC), and other background information on each keyword. Your competition is a good source of potential keywords. Study businesses that have similar target audiences and offers to target specific topics yours, and then identify the keywords they use to rank on their SERPs. From these keywords, you can research more potential keywords with low competition and high volume.

Calculate Keyword Difficulty

Keyword Difficulty (KD) measures how difficult it is to Philippines WhatsApp Number Data rank with your competition in the Google Top 100 for a specific keyword. There are many search engine optimization (SEO) tools, each using a specific formula to rate keyword difficulty. Because Google uses hundreds of ranking signals, it’s difficult for a third-party SEO tool to compute an absolutely correct difficulty measure for a keyword.

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The following Semrush SEO tool difficulty rating describes its evaluation values, graded in percentages from 1% to 100%. A higher percentage shows the effort it takes to rank better than the competition with targeted keywords.

research the competition

More than 69% . You will have to spend a lot of time and effort building links and doing search engine optimization (SEO) to get into the Google top 20. In this case, the keywords are highly competitive and not a sensible target for a new website.
From 50% – 69% . It’s challenging to break into the Google top 20 for these keywords, but with high-quality content and relevant backlinks, you could eventually take the position of your competition.
From 30% – 49% . When you start using keywords in your SEO strategy, it is possible to rank for keywords with this rating.
Less than 30% . These are the Bold Data keywords for which you  target specific topics can rank most easily. They probably have low search volume or a very specific search intent.
If you find a list of relevant keywords with high volume and low competition and use them throughout your website, you will have a chance of ranking high in the SERPs.

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