With the proliferation of technology and platforms designed to share information, digital word-of-mouth marketing can have a much greater reach than traditional one-to-one marketing. For example, if I have my house painted and I tell my neighbor that the painter did an excellent job, that is a one-to-one word-of-mouth recommendation. However, if I post a comment on my neighborhood’s Facebook page, it will have much more reach and become a one-to-many word-of-mouth recommendation. The range is extended beyond my neighbor to referrals for your business reach my entire neighborhood.
As a business owner, make it a habit to Sweden Phone Number Data ask your customers for recommendations and reviews after their purchase. If you don’t get a response, ask them again.

Your customers are busy people and may forget their request; don’t be afraid to remind them. Remember that your customers have invested in you and want you to do well. The statistics indicate that they are likely to be willing to do so to grow their business.

Simplify the process

Make it easy for your customers to refer you to others. The number one way to do that is to do a great job, sell a great product, or provide a great service. If something goes wrong or a mistake is made, take responsibility and do everything you can to remedy the situation. Perhaps you could help the client by giving them a couple of sentences or paragraphs that encapsulate what they would likely say. Ask him if that is what he would say when posting a review or if you could post it on his website.

Taking note of what your customers say about you when you talk to them will help you use their own words to help you grow your business.

Close the loop: thanks and follow-up

This is hugely important – always thank your customers for their feedback, recommendations, and testimonials. Your customers are spending their time and effort to do something for you; so make sure they know you appreciate it. If a referral translates into sales for you, follow up with the person who referred you. Let them know that the recommendation paid off.

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The fact that someone they recommended is also willing to deal with you confirms the wise decision they made in working for you.

In conclusion

The concept of word of mouth recommendation has not changed much with the evolution of the digital world. As human beings, we continue to communicate with each other, only now there is more technology and social networks involved. Businesses continue to Bold Data rely on word-of-mouth , and in the digital age, positive feedback can be a powerful way to referrals for your business grow your business.

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