Forums Focus on topics to keep abreast of what users are complaining about. You can find out about the following issues: uneven tire wear; rapid loss of studs on new tires; tread separation; expensive tires. You can select only those questions that are in the lead in terms of number. Then sell the solution to a specific problem. Social meia What you can definitely love social networks for is information. They can talk about the pains and desires of the target audience and customers and give examples. Of course, going through the profiles of people at random won’t do much, but it won’t hurt to look at the communities of competitors. For example you sell sports nutrition.

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Find a group with a large number of followers that sell similar products and look at the comments on the posts. Probably, people will share their experience of using products and impressions about it. It is important to track not only negative reviews, but also positive ones – they will help improve your offer and show the guidelines and priorities of the Electronic, Electrical Manufacturers Email List TA representatives. Once you find a problem, don’t forget to fix it. The result is a list of pains, desires and objections of the client in sports nutrition marketing: how to take a gainer; which fat burner to choose; sports nutrition for weight gain; choose a sports pit for a beginner; Is it possible to lose weight with protein shakes? Write down everything you find.

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Then decide what can be use and what can’t. It is important to understand: the more data you have, the easier it is to get to the point and satisfy the nees of the buyer. Take screenshots, create a table to copy comments. After working in this mode for several days, you will have an understanding of where to move on. Questionnaires To identify the main pains of the client, the Internet service of questions “ Answers” ​​and the Yandex.Q expert community will help. Only the search is carrie out in Bold Data  reverse order. Usually, users write about the problem itself in the topic, and then the solution is discusse in the answers. Examples: tell me a dentist in Yekaterinburg; looking for shockproof watches.

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