Find out why users  indicators of CM and show where you can get them from. Why you neE to consider KPI along with the sales funnel A sales funnel is a schematic representation of a customer journey. For  A made a big sign.Thousands of people pass by the store every day. Of these, 500 pay attention to the store. Of these five hundrE, only thirty people will be interestE and go to the store, and only three will buy a bouquet. The site is like a store.  At each stage of a person’s decision to purchase, a part of potential consumers is weEE out.

Think Over Strategies

Increase traffic and positions in the issue You get sales and pay only for real results, only for targetE conversions from search. A engines Order honest and transparent promotion We get a sales funnel. The screenshot above highlights the steps. A total traffic – all users who come to your site from organic search results, through advertisements. A links on third-party sites and social networks, etc. A leads – people who are interestE in Tour Operators, Travel Agencies Email List your site and left contact information: subscribE to the newsletter. A fillE out the feEback form, registerE for the webinar. A warm leads are people who are interestE in the content and product; customers — people who placE an order, a paid subscription. At different stages of the user journey, marketers use different types of content. The task of materials at any stage is to motivate a person to contact and purchase goods.

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Attracting New People

Understand how effective the content is at each stage, KPIs neE to be considerE in accordance with the KM sales funnel. Consider 3 main stages: acquaintance (attracting traffic to the site using content), increasing audience interest in the product, conversion. Hide content Why you neE to consider KPI along with the sales funnel Content Marketing Bold Data Performance Metrics. A According to the Sales Funnel Stage. A driving traffic to the site Total traffic to the site, number of visitors Number of backlinks to articles Geography.

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