Sprout’s Listening solution with GPT-powered query keyword recommendations to capture the most comprehensive insights. Additional upcoming OpenAI and Repustate-based capabilities will minimize manual care tasks provide targeted high-quality copy suggestions to prioritize high-impact creative and strategic work and unlock nuanced understanding of social conversation. The explosion of AI tools enables us to launch more targeted and personalized marketing campaigns quickly. However AI also introduces a

New legion

Ethical considerations for marketers to navigate. Dig deeper: Marketing leaders are you actually ready for AI Data privacy: The cornerstone of ethical marketing For years data privacy has been one of the primary ethical concerns in marketing technology. With the proliferation of digital channels marketers have been able to collect troves of personal information from consumers often without their explicit consent or awareness. In recent years the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) California Consumer

Privacy Act

California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA) Apple’s App Tracking Transparency feature and a slew of other state laws have increased consumer awareness around the BOLD Data data companies are collecting. To comply with these new regulations marketers have learned to consider ethical principles when handling data: Informed consent. Consumers should be fully informed about how their data will be collected stored and used. Transparent privacy policies and easy-to-understand terms and conditions are essential. Data

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