Use video ads to showcase your product, brand, or service by telling your brand story and sharing your unique characteristics. Videos for Instagram ads should be 15 seconds or less in length to engage your audience and keep them engaged. With this short window of time, it is essential to communicate a clear and simple message that asks people to take a simple action such as visiting a website or buying a specific product.

Use vertical or square video, since most people hold their mobile device upright while using Instagram.
Prepare a design for consumption without sound (sound-off) with texts, graphics and subtitles.
Keep videos short (15 seconds or less) and show the Spain WhatsApp Number Data brand or product message quickly.

Videos for Instagram Stories

Ads for Instagram Stories are full screen and in portrait format. Ideally, they should display the entire video in 10 seconds or less. If the video exceeds that length, it must be divided into separate “Stories cards”. One, two or three Stories cards will be displayed before the audience has the option to tap ‘ Keep Watching ‘ to see the rest of the video ad.

Video ads for Instagram Stories have a more immersive format. You can add stickers, emojis, and other creative elements to your video to go with the movement and sound.

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Live Videos for Instagram

They are ideal for demonstrations, brand events, tours or to show “ a day in the life of ” a brand or an employee. Live video formats are highly engaging with the audience and allow you to ask questions, comment, and also buy.

A live video for Instagram should have a storytelling element to engage customers in the topic, as this will be the opportunity to show a side of your brand that the audience doesn’t see regularly. Likewise, if something goes wrong, don’t worry, that will be part of the live experience.

Marketers Can Take Advantage of Videos on Instagram

Of the more than 1,000 marketers surveyed , 82% post video content on Instagram, and instead of directly marketing their products and services, they use humor to engage the audience with the brand.

Similarly, marketers agree that posting videos generates more engagement and ROI than using images or live streaming. Short videos are the most popular. 85% of marketers say they are the most effective style of video to leverage on Instagram.

At WSI we believe in the best marketing and we focus on Bold Data providing a truly winning service to all the businesses we support. That’s why we’ve won so many awards in digital marketing, and that’s why we fully intend to win more this year. Interested in using video marketing for Instagram?

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