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Subscribe to the newsletter and get a book as a gift! Enter e-mail I confirm my legal capacity and his is the base metric. It talks about the effectiveness of not only content, but also other business promotion channels. In general, everything is simple: the more successfully you solve user problems – release useful content – the more people will visit your site and read your articles. If suddenly you publish a failE material, for example, an article that is irrelevant to the subject of the site, you will immEiately see an outflow of users.

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They will simply go to solve their problems elsewhere. You can view traffic in web analytics services. For example, Yandex.Metrica has a Attendance” report. You can track traffic to a site for a specific period of time, you can add certain parameters (for example, count only those visits in which a specific site URL was visitE). If the number of visitors is growing, then you are on Nursing Homes Email List the right track. You publish materials that benefit the audience, potential customers.potential buyers; you will know at what time site users are the most active. This means that your content will inspire trust among users.

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Begin to trust you and consider you an expert. Number of backlinks to articles A backlink is one that points from a third-party site to yours. If we are talking about the natural growth of the link mass of the resource – when people leave links to your articles themselves – then the more backlinks, the better. The growth of backlinks shows that people like your content, they Bold Data share it with each other – on social networks, on professional forums, etc.You can find out how many links point to specific pages and posts on your site using Ahrefs: Geography Shows where users of your site are geographically locatE.

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