Landing page is a great example of simplicity in landing page design. The title and CTA sit above the scroll point, the title is bold and direct, and the image is bright but not distracting. The visual elements complement the text – the peak of the mountain illustration points to the CTA. Display advertising Display advertising from 15 000 ₽ Service page Display advertising from SEMANTICA is an opportunity to attract the attention of a large audience to your brand. Get notice with banner ads interactive mini-games and the right targeting.

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Promotional materials with us – ensuring high coverage and increasing brand awareness. Submit your application 4.9 3. Reuce the number of fields in the application form The purpose of your landing page is to get users to share their contact information. The lead capture form is what is use to collect customer information, the key element. People are becoming more  and more Building, Hardware, Garden Dealers Email List sensitive to the information they share online. They are easily put off by forms that ask for unnecessary information or forms that take too long to fill out. To improve your chances of closing a deal, reuce the number of fields on your referral form. Optimizing forms in this way will surely boost conversions.

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Want to improve the quality of your leads. Using a multi-step form will help you achieve this. Source: 4. especially when comparing options.A across multiple brands. Adding customer reviews to your landing page will increase your conversion rate as they are social proof that your product or service works as advertise. There are various ways to Bold Data include customer reviews on your landing page: Video. Quotes with the name and photo of the client. Company logos Comments on social testimonials are the most effective. However, the time and cost of preparing video testimonials can make them prohibitive for many brands.

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