Also understand how visitors fill out contact forms, what is wrong with them and how to fix it. In Yandex. Metrica can find out where people come from. The downside is the availability of analysis data – a maximum of two weeks. But the biggest advantage lies in the free real-time research of the behavior of the target audience. In addition, if problems are found, the tool sends an SMS notification to its owner. The panel itself is intuitive, most do not have problems with the search. Google Analytics It offers groupe information about traffic and audience behavior and conversions.

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Variety of reports are provide Analytics from Google allows you to identify under performing web pages using the funnel visualization method. For usability testing, there are more advance features, including custom audience segmentation. You can also run A/B tests here. This is what the program window looks like. Google Optimize In fact, this service is an evolution Shipbuilding Boatbuilding Email List of the previous program from Google. The tool is easier to use and contains more detaile reports. It is designe to test various theories to determine which is more effective and promising. A/B tests are create using a convenient eitor that allows you to easily select elements for modification.

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Conduct an you nee create a new account at optimistically; add a new container and copy its code (optimize_id: Google Optimize tag to Tag Manager. Welcome window. We audit the mobile version of the service website We audit the mobile version of the service website In this article, we will analyze what errors can occur in the mobile version of the site and how Bold Data to avoid them. Technical errors in the mobile version of the site In order for the user to comfortably interact with the site, it is necessary to optimize the mobile version for search engines and for different types of mobile devices.

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