15 ideas for effective Email Marketing Campaigns to apply in your newsletters. Email is one of the most powerful marketing tools we have but, for its use to be effective, it is necessary to have strategies capable of engaging your subscribers with them. I propose 15 email marketing campaign ideas to make a difference, improve your results and gain the loyalty of your subscribers through your newsletters (with real examples!). Today, businesses and brands have a wide range of ways to communicate with their audience, especially thanks to social networks. However, email still represents a highly effective direct communication channel capable of creating and consolidating relationships with the audience that businesses and brands should not overlook.

Advantages of email marketing for your brand

Advantages of email marketing for your brand. Within the marketing strategy of a brand or company. Therefore, email marketing is much more than a distribution channel. In fact, newsletter campaigns are a fundamental piece in charge of reinforcing . Therefore, your content strategy and connecting it with the rest of the areas of your online marketing plan. But, in addition, there are other benefits added to the use of email marketing strategies, such as: ✓ You can reach a global audience. ✓ Allows you to send fully personalized and segmented messages. ✓ The investment is top people data minimal. ✓ The results are measurable. ✓ It is a very powerful source of web traffic. ✓ It is one of the most efficient ways to attract customers and induce conversions .

How to prepare an email marketing strategy

How to prepare an email marketing strategy. The first two steps are the basis of any action you are going to take. A good email marketing strategy has to go hand Bold Data in hand with the right tool and, before taking action. Therefore, you must have specific objectives to know where you are going and what you want to achieve. Now, once you have defined your objectives and have the appropriate tool at hand. Therefore, another of the key points in this strategy arrives, that of attracting subscribers and starting to fill your list. At this stage, the generalized ( and very poorly maintained ) strategy. Therefore, would be limited to creating a subscription form, placing it on the website or in that place from where we want to capture those leads and. Therefore, once we have a certain volume of accumulated emails,

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