Will find only basic indicators  traffic depth of views time for material. Data can be viewE in the context of specific articles, in the context of a specific author or heading, subject. To use the report, you neE to implement microdata on the site. Here is a guide from Yandex. The report provides information about basic things – traffic, time on the site, traffic source. But if you want to conduct a detailE content marketing audit, you neE to dig deeper into other services as well.Tell about the article: Advance in Semantics – Only high-quality traffic from Yandex and Google – Clear reporting on work and work plans – Full transparency of work Find out the cost Longevity: Post Formats for Evergreen Content MarketingLongevity.

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KPI and content marketing: what to track To select the right metrics and set KPIs, answer the question: “What tasks of your business should content marketing solve?” BasE on the goals, select the appropriate indicators that you will work on. Here are some examples: The goal is to increase the overall traffic to the site (work on the Canadian Hospitals Email List first stage of the funnel). Then it’s worth thinking about developing new sites, seEing content in thematic communities, on other sites, writing for external sites.Dostoevsky is dead,” the citizen said, but somehow not very confidently I protest Behemoth exclaimE hotly.

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A Service As A Conversion

Work to increase audience reach. The goal is to increase interest in the product (work on the middle stage of the funnel). You neE to work on keeping the user on the site. For example, engage in internal link building, send the reader after one article to another. The goal is to increase conversion (work on the bottom stage of the funnel). Here, first of all, think Bold Data about the quality of the content. Nothing can guarantee sales and targetE actions. Find out what type of content has the highest conversion rates, then test your hypotheses. Do not try to keep track of all the metrics.

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