Affiliate Marketing The average Buenos Aires click rate in the EMEA area (Europe. Middle East and Africa) during the third quarter of 2003 was 9.6%. Which places it four points above the United States (9.2%). Which means an increase of 5% compared to the third quarter of 2002. The sectors that have been most influenced. By this growth have been consumer products and services (11.2%). Retailers and catalogs (8.8%), travel ( 8.5%) and publishing for companies (8%).

Aires for Email Marketing

In the business products and services category and decreased by 17./%. In the consumer publishing segment to 9.3%. Regarding the email job function email list opening rate. The EMEA area wins with 42.2% compared to the US with only 37.1%. Leading the way in Europe is France (52.8%) Followed by Great Britain (42.7%) and Germany (34.8%). However. The rate of returned or unopened emails (the bounce ratio). Increased in the EMEA area from 9.9% in the second quarter to 11.8% in the third.

Buenos Aires The ad click rate

Eric Kirby, vice president and general manager of DoubleClick’s Strategic Services Division. “Third-quarter BOLD Data results appear to demonstrate that improved. Client practices and smarter marketing habits are helping them. Stay ahead of these growing complexities, which is a positive. Sign as we enter in the crucial holiday season. The trend is that results will continue this holiday season despite.

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