Design elements and content should be in their place, the text should be readable, the pictures should not block.  A the view of other blocks, the page content should not go beyond the smartphone screen. Let’s take a closer look at typical technical errors that may occur in Pages pee You just nee to enter a URL and the service will show its weaknesses and what slows down page loading. You will then receive a list of performance recommendations divide into high, meium, and low priorities. Page Spee ​​is available online and as an extension for Chrome and Firefox browsers.

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Just paste the address and you will be happy. Without a penny of money. Optimal Workshop It is presente as a set of tools to improve navigation, and it also helps to define information architecture, conduct qualitative research, and much more. In addition to the free version, there is also a paid version with advance functionality. Prices. Plerdy This is a multifunctional Manufacturing Email List program that shows where a potential client clicks in real time. The service offers several heat maps to analyze elements such as: scroll depth; text selection; cursor hover; the sequence of clicks made. To check the usability of a site using the Plerdy resource, you nee to analyze user actions and in just a few clicks.

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You Get A Series

Understand what works well and what does not. Here you can watch individual videos to see changes in the behavior of specific users, and it also offers more than 25 pop-ups for emails, reminders and feeback. All of this can be customize to suit your nees. The program can be use for free, and then if it works, buy a paid version. Usabilla The program is  known.  A all over the world Bold Data for Usabilla In-Page, which collects visitor feeback on web pages using emoticons. The platform provides feeback to understand user actions and what nees to be change to make the resource more convenient and efficient. It is possible to send targete messages.

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