Business Intelligence: How to choose better strategies for your business. The digitalization and automation of processes is a reality today. Almost all companies have several processes integrated into a CRM that helps them manage them. Technology makes us more competitive, so Business Intelligence is necessary to improve processes and decision making in companies. Telecommunications engineer and commercial director of the Interdigital Agency, Marta Soler presented her presentation Business Intelligence in your online presence to be able to make good decisions in the second edition of PRO Marketing DAY held last April.

How Business Intelligence helps you make better decisions

How Business Intelligence helps you make better decisions. There are several factors that come into play so that your online marketing decisions job function email list are correct and you achieve your brand objectives. These are some of the keys that Marta Soler revealed to us in her presentation: Define your target audience. To set up a good strategy it is essential to determine who our audience is : who we want to address. If we segment and are very knowledgeable about who our audience is, we can have better results. Anonymous users who enter my website. To reach these users I can apply SEO tactics, SEM ( Google Ads Campaigns ), work on social networks, branding.

Capture and qualification of leads

Capture and qualification of leads. Our immediate objective will always be to identify the lead. For this we have a lot of cookies that we have been saving within this database of this software. A basic inbound marketing option is to generate a lead magnet to capture the user’s attention. We can, by configuring some type of software such as those mentioned above, show our users a pop-up or invite them to download a whitepaper or an ebook. That is, we generate a hook, something Bold Data that interests them, that generates value and for which they want to offer their data in exchange. Ebooks are one of the most common resources when it comes to attracting leads or customers online .

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