To help you out, here are some podcast topics that our Juggling multiple listeners love. You can check out these smart frameworks and choose one that is category-specific, designed for rapid growth, and fits your brand and passions.f you don’t currently have an audience, your potential audience will likely ask why they should listen to your advice about established influencers in the field. Fortunately, these podcast topics allow you to leverage other reliable sources to get your point across.

Prioritize Juggling multiple editing

For me, creative work always takes longer than industry email list  I think. If you don’t leave enough time to embrace enthusiasm and curiosity, when you submit work or publish it yourself, you give the impression that you’re practicing flaky creativity rather than disciplined creativity. Masu. I need space to explore tangentially related topics, and many of my favorite anecdotes often don’t have the right place in the final draft (more on this later). Either way, leave plenty of time to research ways to make your writing voice more robust and subtle.

industry email list

Record the experiment

Great writers are great editors, Bold Data and to become a great editor, you need to learn to recognize ideas that serve you more than they serve your audience . These areas of text must be corrected or deleted. To hone this skill, editing cannot be an afterthought. It’s a “quick pass” through your writing. That’s a different activity. Again, you, Disciplined Creativity Practitioner, have plenty of time left to perform. Spoiler alert: I’ll be writing more about creative self-editing next week on Copyblogger

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