Plan your working day

Sounds like you’re not starting on a very creative note? please Plan your  listen. My number one tip for having more creative ideas is to give yourself the right space for creative ideas to emerge…and have the space to develop them. I have a routine so it all happens during my work hours. If you just let your days unfold without boundaries, fostering creative chaos instead of disciplined creativity, you’ll not only be stressed about finding creative ideas, you’ll struggle to execute them properly. . Plan the necessary activities in your daily life so that you are free to explore your creativity at other times.

Schedule daydreaming

Daydreaming only leads to procrastination or fallin category email list behind schedule if you don’t schedule it into your day. Anyone with a job that relies on creativity takes time to let their minds wander, so treat daydreaming like any other task you plan to complete while at work. No pressure here either. A great content idea is not a goal. In fact, the goal is to soften your mind, which makes you more receptive to good ideas at any time of the day. When I wasn’t “working”, my mind wandered and I actually thought about the importance of this. At first, it seemed a little too easy to mention, but then I remembered how important the concept of prescribed fantasy is to content marketing.

category email list

Move around

As a recovering perfectionist, I created  Bold Data an Instagram account dedicated to posting photos of quickly sketched paintings. The important thing is to post your manga as soon as you’ve communicated your thoughts, and not to be obsessed with making it look good. Between You and Me, we often don’t even have the exact message to convey in a drawing, so we leave it up to the audience to project meaning onto the post. Because even though we meticulously craft the intent of our art, each viewer will interpret the work based on their own perspective and worldview.

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